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We are the initiative group of parents, teachers, and students of Bilozerska school number 18. We noticed a low level of students’ media literacy, inability to create high-quality media products.

Therefore, the idea was occurred to create a school media center WOWrecords, which will enable children to develop successfully in a rapidly changing information society.

In the near future we plan to release “Success-TV” school news and dream of restoring a radio communication that has not worked for 17 years. Young journalists want more audiences to hear them. Moreover, this is possible. After all, they can broadcast their thoughts and ideas in live radio broadcasts for students, teachers, and parents. Parents will also be able to see their children, not on the TV screen in the school lobby. Children will be able to test their abilities in television roles: journalist, presenter, operator and director, and in an entirely new format for the radio broadcaster. Students will be able to make their plans come true to participate in city, regional and national competitions, but at the higher level.

Now, young journalists and “WEB” clubs, “Olympus” school clubs which have 25 students are already working at the school. Pupils of groups and their leaders are studying outside the school; with great pleasure taking part in trainings, journalistic competitions.

But our team believes that it is the best way to teach children through practical actions, and for over a decade the young school journalists have been helping out the newspaper “45 + peremenka”, on the pages of which they cover school news, share their successes, and sometimes their problems. Our editorial board always wins at the competitions. Thus, “45 + peremenka” won at the IX regional festival-competition of school newspapers and took II place in the open festival of children’s and youth mass media of Ukraine in the Donbass. This is all the results for the last year.

To implement such an ambitious project we have motivated and certified educators who are ready to develop media awareness for students and their colleagues. There are rooms for TV and radio studios and even student smartphones 🙂 for movie making. However, it is not possible to start a radio station without the radio station itself.

To expand the media space we need to upgrade the radio station, buy a сhroma key, a camera and a set of lighting for a video studio.

Our project is a unique opportunity for children to immerse themselves in the incredibly interesting world of the media and maybe decide to be journalist. Our team hopes that it will be the most interesting adventure for our children and the best investment in their future.
  • What we need

    Cost, UAH


    Amount, UAH

  • Radio

    30 000


    30 000

  • Camera NIKON D3400 AF-P 18-55 Non-VR KIT

    14 499


    14 499

  • ART and W: Chromaky background 2.4 × 2.9 m + background holder

    3 524


    3 524

  • Arsenal SLH-003-2 permanent lighting studio suite

    2 120


    2 120

  • Photex FT3570 tripod for camera




  • Post services




  • Fee and administration fee. expenses GOF *



    7 314

  • Total:



    58 511

* — If after payment of all the listed goods and services money will be left, they will go to support the statutory activity of NGO “Center for innovative education ‘Pro.Svit’.

Join the deed you’ll be proud of!

The project was developed within the educational program «Eastern Meetings» and with the support of the UCBI II Project that is funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in 14 cities of Donetsk and Luhansk Regions. In the case of the successful Crowdfunding campaign of the authors, the project will be co-funded in the amount of 25 000 UAH.

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