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We are an active group of creative teachers of Lisichansk secondary school № 2.

The life of a modern student is not only learning but also an opportunity to make dreams and develop creativity. A difficult task for teachers is to create conditions for the realization of children’s dreams so that every child feels happy. In our school, children with special educational needs began to study 2 years ago. These are children who came from other territories and received a psychological trauma as a result of being in the area of hostilities. They had poorly developed communication skills, the children were all afraid, not interested in school life. As a result, there was a misunderstanding between teachers, pupils and parents of the class and children with special educational needs and their parents.

Therefore, the group of like-minded people decided to create a room in a school in which students, in the process of joint play and creative activity, will have the opportunity to communicate and choose the kind of creative activity on their own. In this room, students will be able to relax from learning and engage in creativity.

The room will have 3 zones:

  • The play area is arranged in the center of the room. It is the largest, because it is a zone for games of various directions: didactic, role-playing, mobile, dramatized.
  • The creative zone is equipped with tables, soft pouffes. Using the technical means (TV), students will be able to develop actor, singing, and dance skills.
  • Area of skills development – a zone for developing skills for reading, drawing, designing, modeling. It will be equipped with mini-pouffes, designers, toys, accessories for drawing and modeling.

Teachers will hold active breaks, hours of communication, trainings, master classes, exhibitions of drawings and products, creative competitions in this room for children.

Children will learn to work in large and small groups, in pairs, they will be able to develop their creative abilities, they have the right to choose their activities, determine their abilities

The result of the project will be the creation of a room where students will be able to realize their creative potential during  joint to the activities, to find friends for communication. Creating such a room will promote the socialization of primary school pupils and children with special educational needs, the formation of vital-necessary competences: communicative, cultural, social and social, which are relevant in modern life. Creative classes in such a room will enable children to manage their emotions, develop memory, imagination, mental faculties, aesthetic tastes.

The project was developed within the educational program “Eastern Meetings” and with the support of the UCBI II Project that is funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in 14 cities of Donetsk and Luhansk Regions. In the case of the successful Crowdfunding campaign of the authors, the project will be co-funded in the amount of 25 000 UAH.

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