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We are teachers and students of Slovyansk secondary school №16, who are eager to implement new ideas to the learning process.

We decided to create a special area (“smart-zone”) where active developing game facilities could be arranged for outdoor activities, that can help our students in mastering educational material and we’d also like to organize active rest for our children during breaks.

As for informal education, for a long time it has been proving itself as a very effective learning tool, especially for primary and secondary students.

Such active developing games will give our students a brilliant opportunity to develop their mathematical, speech and linguistic skills and improve the skills they have already mastered. It can be achieved and presented in a bright and interesting way.
These active developing game facilities will help our children improve movement coordination skills, physical abilities, let release energy accumulated during learning process, especially passive (theoretical) classes.

And, favourable atmosphere among students, influence their cohesion and help to reduce and minimize conflicts and contribute favourable learning conditions.

The smart-zone will include two parts – digital rock climbing area and a special area for developing games facilities.

Digital rock climbing area is necessary for good and successful physical students’ development as well as their agility, endurance and coordination skills, it will also enlarge recreation activities. The height of the track (route) is about 50-70 cm above the ground (to provide children safety); its length is about 10 meters along the wall.

Special area for developing games facilities is like a playground with a rubber covering (coating), 100 sq.m. in total. This covering is necessary to provide students safety and long term use. This area will include 7 games that contribute into development of mathematical, speech and linguistic skills as well as physical abilities of our students. These games are multifunctional and can be used in different ways, for example, for out-door activities (as elements of informal education) or just for fun and entertainment. Each game can be used independently and as a part of task or a quest.

We have already done the first steps to implement our idea:

Our primary school teachers began conducting some of their lessons on our school football pitch. The aim of such unusual lessons is to diversify teaching methods.
The team of the project analyzed some our students’ interests, and according to this  information 8 above mentioned areas have been chosen. Some games had been already tested and these games evoked delight and great support among our students.

Our teachers will use this smart-zone to improve and develop multipurpose skills in an interesting game for, provide active breaks for our students, team-building and refreshment. The project will be enlarged gradually by adding new parts of this smart-zone relevant in future.

The expected results of the project should be:

Creating new learning facilities in an exactly new format for our 370 students as well as a new area for refreshment and active rest.
More than 60% of these students would be able to increase the level of their knowledge in Math and English, develop their physical abilities and skills , work as a part of a team.
More than 30% of students would be given a brilliant opportunity to become more friendly and get high level of cohesion.

We will be able to estimate the influence of the project through a survey conducted among our teachers, and the results of our students’ learning achievements they gain during the school year,  and also using a special questionnaire for our students as for their interest for the learning disciplines, in addition some analysis of psychological climate in class-groups before and after the project will also be provided.

To implement the project, we need:

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  • Gears for digital rock climbing area (1 package/100 pieces)




  • Screw-bolts (1 package/100 pieces)




  • Covering (coating)




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  • Total:




* — If after payment of all the listed goods and services money will be left, they will go to support the statutory activity of NGO “Center for innovative education ‘Pro.Svit’.

«Let’s build education together!»


The project was developed within the educational program «Eastern Meetings» and with the support of the UCBI II Project that is funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in 14 cities of Donetsk and Luhansk Regions. In the case of the successful Crowdfunding campaign of the authors, the project will be co-funded in the amount of 25 000 UAH.

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