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Welcome to the school team #29. Our school is located in a picturesque mining town in Lugansk with an attractive name of Pryvilya. In school, there are 230 sports, smart, active students and 20 young, creative, ready-to-work pedagogues.

In our town there are no modern centers for development and communication neither for young people, nor for the inhabitants of the city. And communication is now very important, because our region is experiencing difficult times because of events in the East of Ukraine, the understanding of generations is gradually lost. Therefore, our school wants to create its own space for communication.

In it we will be able to:

  • to organize leisure for different generations: thematic meetings, contests, concerts, interactive games, competitions, flash mobs, workshops;
  • work to improve the physical, emotional and spiritual health of children and adults;
  • provide free social services for children and the public: master classes, lectures, trainings, consultations, information services, etc.


Conducting common cultural events and interests will help to socialize and relieve stress, and contribute to better understanding of students, parents and city residents.

Area will also be developed through:

  • filling with interesting and informational education;
  • interactive forms of communication;
  • maximum use of free time for schoolchildren and community;
  • active creative activity of project participants;
  • association of creative students and residents of the city;
  • implementation of their creative ideas;
  • Assisting students in choosing a future profession


To make the dream a reality, we have already agreed with interesting people who are ready to share experience and provide their services:

  • One of the parents will conduct classes on chess and checkers for all those who wish;
  • The art teacher will help in the preparation of cultural events, will promote the development of singing and dance talent from music fans;
  • The teacher of labor training will show how to make jewelry by yourself;
  • Teacher of Physical Culture will hold sports holidays and competitions for family leisure;
  • Practical psychologist (community member) will help in communication and stress relief, help in solving the problem of bullying (peer pressure), teach the culture of using cyberspace and solve a number of other pressing issues among children, youth and the public;
  • Doctor  (one of the parents) will provide advice on maintaining their own health;
  • The school librarian will hold the “Literary Living Room” and meet with the poets of Lysychansk;
  • Students and editors of the school newspaper “Shkilnyy visnyk” will have the opportunity to improve journalistic skills through communication with older generations.


We already have an experience of working together with the  PO “Healing Strength” on the platform of the “Help Age International” on the implementation of the project “Creation of a Center for the Social Life of the elderly in the city of Privilya”, which took place in 2016, with students, pedagogues and socially active residents of the city. The participants of this project (the elderly people “60+”) were satisfied with the work of the students and residents of the city and are eager to communicate with the school community.

Responses to the participants of the “60+” project:

“I, Burenko Valentina Fedorivna, born in 1947, is an active participant of the project” 60+ “from the first day of classes. This is a very interesting and useful project. For our small city of Privilya it’s just great, because there is no club, gym or other leisure facilities in the city. For lonely elderly people there’s no where to go talk to use your free time. And the creation of the project “60+” gave us the opportunity to communicate with each other and get acquainted with the students and traditions of school №29.”

“I, Kosenko Nadezhda Petrivna, born in 1953, was an active participant of the project” 60+ “. My granddauther, Shabritskaya Daria, a student of grade 8, persuaded me to attend classes. I was very pleased with the school team, I was pleased to attend sports lessons, a circle of needlework and singing. I want this project to be continued, and communicating with students and joint activities have helped us become the only collective in the generations to come together.”

For full-fledged work space, we already have room and some equipment for space organization:

  • repaired  sports room;
  • computer science room;
  • a sewing room with equipment and tools;
  • assembly hall;
  • projector, black and white printer, stand screen, modern TV, music center, DVD player, piano,accordion;
  • 6 sets of chess and checkers, table game “Bingo”, table football;
  • equipment and tools for needlework.

We still have to buy an acoustic system, armchairs and chairs.

By organizing, at first , small but real affairs in their institution, students will learn to be responsible citizens of their state and understand that each of them together can make real contributions to the development of their motherland.

Help us make our dream come true!

The project was developed within the educational program “Eastern Meetings” and with the support of the UCBI II Project that is funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in 14 cities of Donetsk and Luhansk Regions. In the case of the successful Crowdfunding campaign of the authors, the project will be co-funded in the amount of 25 000 UAH.

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