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This social project was designed by students of grade 11 to draw public attention to the existence of another world – a world where you cannot hear a sound, where you cannot hear your mom’s lullaby, where you cannot hear the singing of birds or phone rings.

The students decided to make a visual training calendar that contains the most used sign language words. Anyone can use it. The calendar will help find a common language between ordinary students and students with special needs. Thus, we want to break the barrier that prevents such communication.

The calendar "One Wave" will help students and teachers of educational institutions learn the basics of sign language.
By taking a monthly look at the calendar, they will involuntarily see a picture of a certain word of sign language and with the help of visual memory they will be able to remember a certain word to apply on occasion in the future.

Our calendar is an important step towards bringing the public and hearing impaired children closer together.


We have already:

  • choose a list of the most common words,
  • taken photos with demonstration of these words in sign language,
  • made up the calendar "One Wave”,
  • Student council has held a festive charity concert, which collected 560 UAH for the implementation of the project.

For the full implementation of the project you need to print our calendar "One
Wave quot; in the printing office. After that, it will be distributed free of charge to the educational institutions of the city. Then you can send it to shops, pharmacies, hospitals.

The result of our project will be a free distribution of copies of the calendar "One Wave" in the educational institutions of the city and another step towards increased understanding and rapprochement with children with hearing impairments.


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  • Printing of “One wave” calendar




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* — if after payment of all the listed goods and services money will be left, they will go to support the statutory activity of NGO “Center for innovative education ‘Pro.Svit’.

Understand the silence, support the project “One Wave”!

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