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We, the teachers of Ukrainian language and literature of the comprehensive school N15 of Chasiv Yar, Bakhmut district council, Donetsk region, are sure that language is the tool, that helps to implement the most daring ideas. In order to do it, it is necessary to make the process of studying active and interesting.

The idea of project is to change the way of organizing the teaching Ukrainian language and literature. We, the modern teachers, realise that our duty is not to equip our pupils with theoretical knowledge, but to do so that the ability to use it would help students to find their path in life. Nowadays person should be able to think critically, work in team, take the responsibility, be initiative. To teach it is our goal! And new challenges require completely different approaches in teaching process.

The project “Linguistic Revolution: Teach in a new way” is aimed at implementation of the scenario of “flipped classroom” for pupils from 5 to 11 grades. The method mentioned before allows to arrange the teaching and studying process in a new way: mastering some rules by themselves at home, children will learn how to overcome difficulties, to take the responsibility for the result, meanwhile pupils will do some practical tasks with teacher helping them at school.

Why is this project important?

We noticed that:
  • students are indifferent on lessons-lectures;
  • students can’t apply the knowledge they get in daily life;
  • general students’ academic performance in Ukrainian language has declined.
Having questioned the students of 6-11 grades, we have found out the causes of enumerated observations:
  • during the lesson, students want to hear a teacher’s explanation one more time but actually are deprived of this possibility;
  • students are unable to put to use the knowledge they get;
  • having done an exercise, students want to get the result immediately in order to see the mistakes they have made;
  • it is possible to solve more complicated tasks at school where discussion among friends takes place

Having listened to pupils’ recommendations, we have dared to make changes:

  • some boring rules we have replaced with short instructive cartoons and posted them on the specially created website;
  • we have moved the theory studying to homework;
  • some writing home tasks we have turned into interactive ones via Internet-services;
  • instead of ordinary tests, we “scan” the class with teacher’s smartphone and special app installed in it;
  • we allow children to become co-authors of a lesson, so this way they have to decide by themselves how to achieve an educational goal;
  • collaboration, that is achieved through work in groups and pairs, is welcomed on lessons.

As a result, our students have absolutely changed: they are more serious and responsible when doing homework (even beg to give them more tasks, it is not an invention!), pupils always have some questions to ask the teacher, so it means necessary knowledge is acquired consciously by students.
And the most important thing is that pupils look forward to new language discoveries. Students’ motivation that is one of the most essential conditions has increased as well.

What are our difficulties?

It is the lack of the necessary technical equipment that prevents teachers from bringing their interesting ideas to life.

However, we are not passive:

  • cases with educational materials covering most of Ukrainian language topics have been created;
  • lessons following innovative scenarios have been developed and conducted;
  • teachers of Ukrainian language are engaged in self-education, take courses on the platforms like EdEra, Prometheus, perfecting their skills of organizing distance learning.

Having received technical equipment, we will have new teaching opportunities. There will be online quizzes, communications in real time with students from all over Ukraine, visits of virtual museums and galleries. We are going to encourage students of secondary and high school to take part in the activities which will make students consider themselves as a integral part of global community, convince them that Ukrainian language is modern, fashionable and cool!

The purposes of the project are:
  • students can freely talk on different topics in Ukrainian language;
  • formed critical thinking;
  • formed ability to convincingly prove own point of view, take the responsibility and be initiative;
  • pupils’ readiness to cherish and develop Ukrainian language through their own creative activity in different fields of life.
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* — if after payment of all the listed goods and services money will be left, they will go to support the statutory activity of NGO “Center for innovative education ‘Pro.Svit’.

There is no need to flip the world – help us to carry out linguistic revolution by finding fulcrum today!

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