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In the Selidovsky district of the Donetsk region, the vocal department is in the only musical school in the town of Girnyk. The department was opened in 2016, at that time the city came to life after the artillery bombing and, of course, the equipment of the vocal class by acoustic equipment was not a priority task for the school.

The year of 2018 will become the third year of young talents training.

How did these two years of study last? What are the achievements what is lacking for learning?

Valery Shapovalova took the third place at the International “Golden Note” Festival in Dnipro.
But … hearing from the jury that the reason for only the 3 rd place was the lack of experience with the microphone, of course, was upset. The first place was so close, but without the necessary training can still remain a dream.

The ensemble “Hirnychanochka” before the competition “Folk-music” in Pokrovskhad noenough time on the stage for a rehearsal with a sound. Children could not get those skills at school. This prevented the ensemble from fully revealing the beauty of its singing.

The new training program will include enough hours to form the skills of singing with the microphone and adaptation to the acoustic system.

FedirFursov, looking at his performance on the motherboard, realized that he had little
practice to control his voice along with the movements on the stage. The views of the theorists directed to him by dozens of eyewitnesses instantly erased all the teachings of the teacher off his memory and his movements became obdurable. For the formation of the habit of a relaxed performance before the audience, it has been planning preparing and conductingby the teacher of bright children`s presentations with the using of a computer, a screen and a projector. Innovation should make the next lessons unforgettable, students will get the skills of the performances. Alsoby the project, this equipment will be used to view the performance records of school students and professional singers with teacher`s comments for a visual example and training.

The soloists DukhAgnessa and Lavreva Kira do their training not in a full voice, because they interfere with other classes in the school. Similarly, they are disturbed by the noise of the sounds of the school when studying a new song. Headphones that isolate third- party noises for rehearsals will help to solve this problem

Maria Isaieva together with the teacher wanted very much to choose a song according to her voice? Her likes and wishes to be modern. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to do this at school, because there is no
internet or computer to find free note records and minuses. It will be easy to search for song by providing a computer and internet in the class.

In order to supplement the education with professional skills of working with modern equipment, the project «Step to the Stars» was launched in our musical school. Our project will help raise the winners of competitions.

So, three mothers and students united, prepared and distributed references to this project in social networks. Advertising of music, singing is well business. Musical education develops brain activity and gives the person the ability to think «extraordinary» or as they say throughout the world «Out of the box» – «not like everyone». It’s no secret that Bill Gates in his company Microsoft instructed – when hiring to give priority to people with musical education. Students will also be successful in other areas, because such children are better at school. Therefore, parents are ready to support and develop the natural musicality of their children in our musical school.

The main indicator of musical talent, talent – is the ability to achieve the highest results in the short term. Participation in competitions, occupied places are the best developed talents.

After the result of project, 100 students of the music school will be able to raise their professionalism on a new level.

Of these, 40 choir students, including solo performers, will be able to use new skills at mass events in the district, oblast.

The result of the project will be:

  • New wins will make happy schoolchildren. The children will take their step to the stars.
  • Such advertising of the school will increase the flow of students wishing to study at a music school.
  • The level of culture in the city of Girnik will increase.


  • What we need

    Cost, UAH


    Amount, UAH

  • Microphone Beyerdynamic TG V35ds

    1 415


    4 245

  • Ready microphone cable Roxtone GMXJ270L5




  • Microphone “Crane” type SOUNDKING SKDD130



    1 320

  • Active 2-way ADJ AVANTE A15 speaker system

    11 440


    22 880

  • Set of ADJ SPSX2B acoustic racks

    1 224


    1 224

  • Mixer with built-in media player HL AUDIO SMR8

    3 570


    3 570

  • Headphones KOSS UR20




  • HP 255 G6 Notebook

    7 599


    7 599

  • Mouse SPEEDLINK Kappa Wireless Black




  • Router TP-LINK TL-WR840N




  • Portable Projector LED DB-POWER 1500 with White Speaker

    2 340


    2 340

  • Shutters for eclipse 180×170



    2 214

  • Delivery



    1 100

  • Fee and administration fee GoF*



    6 932

  • Total:



    55 455

* — If after payment of all the listed goods and services money will be left, they will go to support the statutory activity of NGO “Center for innovative education “Pro.Svit”.

Helps us to implement the Step-by-Step project and realize the dreams of talented children. Tell us about your friends, together we will be able to do this.

The project was developed within the educational program «Eastern Meetings» and with the support of the UCBI II Project that is funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in 14 cities of Donetsk and Luhansk Regions. In the case of the successful Crowdfunding campaign of the authors, the project will be co-funded in the amount of 25 000 UAH.

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