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My name is Oleg. I am 13 years old. I live in Kyiv. My friends and I are very interested in trams and trains. Therefore, we decided to turn the usual tram into a ‘Happy tram’.

Now most of the Kyiv trams look monotonous: the seats and walls are gray and gloomy, all trams are the same, do not differ from each other and merge with the environment. So, we had the idea to change them outside and inside and turn it into a ‘Happy trams’ The first one, we will start, will be beautifully painted, both inside and outside. Together with experienced artists, we have already begun to work on sketches.

The tram will ride along the usual cruise route, so the fare will be the same as in other trams.

A bit about the reason of our decision to launch this project.
Tram for Kyiv is a special type of transport with its history. 125 years ago, tram, passing through the streets of the city, attracted the attention of all the residents. Tram in Kyiv was one of the first in Europe, everyone wanted to ride in it. Unfortunately, now tram has lost its charm and turned into something ordinary and everyday. So, we decided to ‘correct’ a bit this situation.

  • This project is for all Kievites and guests of Kyiv. It has been created for atracting
    their attention to the advantages of electric transport.
  • We would like to slightly "color" the life of Kievites in bright colors and thus
    show that there is always a place for joy in life 🙂
  • We want this project to be an example for teens and shows that we need to go
    to our own dreams and try to reach it, no matter what obstacles and difficulties
    have happened on the way.

What we have done for the project:
We cannot design the tram ourselves, because we do not have enough experience in this field. So, we will work together with artists and learn painting.

We have already agreed with the Kyiv artist Eugene Gladenko to draw a tram from the outside. He is a master in drawing, he does everything on time and very beautiful. In addition, Eugene often participates in various social projects. He is keen on the development of art in the capital and is known for many tricks of drawing. So, we asked Eugene to help us realize our idea. He was interested in the project and agreed to our proposal. Now, with the artist, we are developing sketches for drawing the tram.

We have found the partners. The Ukrainian company ‘Refinish’, which is engaged in the sale of paint and varnish materials, primers and putty for cars, has made us a significant discount for the purchase of materials for the preparation of trams for painting. We thank them very much for it.


And the main thing – we have already agreed with the general director of the Highest Kyiv Transport Compamy – Kyivpastrans. He is ready to allocate the tram! But officially it is possible only after full financing of the project.

We hope that everything will be ok!

How will the project develop further?
We want the project to evolve and new, interesting and unusual trams appear in Kyiv. We plan to paint and renew 2 trams a year. The cost of artistic design of one tram is about 70000 hryvnias. According to our preliminary calculations, to renew 2 trams per year will be enough 5-7% of the annual profit of one tram. We want this project to become the "core" of the artistic transformation of the Kyiv tram. Perhaps thanks to our trams, the electric transport in Kyiv will be not so sad, and the capital's tram transport will regain its former popularity. We want to make trams in different styles, for example: tram of Shevchenko, Lesya Ukrainka, Ivan Franko, historical tram, art space on wheels, etc.

When the updated tram goes to the route:

  • It will attract the attention of the inhabitants and guests of the city;
  • Children and adults will want to ride on the tram;
  • Being inside, people will forget about gray everyday life, and in the soul will feel a holiday;
  • ‘Happy tram’ will inspire more people to use trams as an ecological transport for the city.

More about our project in the presentation. And you can follow the development of our project on our facebook page.

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