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We are the team of Dmytrivska secondary school of general education (I-III stages) of Sloviansk district council of Donetsk region and our aim is to create school media space for:

  • pupils, that will be able to apply practically  the acquired knowledge in computer science classes and realize their creative potential;
  • village community representatives who will improve their computer literacy and help the school find new ideas for development, as well as students in search of new educational opportunities.

The team of our school takes the challenges of the modern world and adapts quickly to new conditions.  We have many initiative teachers, pupils and parents. At the moment, we try to help our students and the community in all possible ways using our own technical equipment. But we would like to help them even more. There are only two computers in the computer studies classroom and their characteristics are not satisfying. Practical skills are practiced by pupils at home on their own computers. We hope that by participating in the project, we will be able to do this also at our school. In addition to computer studies classes, children will have the time for consultations twice a week, where they will be able to ask specific questions and receive answers. In addition, in the future we plan to realize several All-Ukrainian projects and we will not stop on this. The created media space will work continuously and involve as many pupils as possible. Once a week we will take classes for the community, at the most convenient time for them.

We would like to support the students’ initiatives of participation in contests and help them to implement their own projects, teach adults how to use computers correctly and promote active participation of students, teachers and community representatives in school and village development projects.

The first steps have been taken to implement the project:
  • we have the most active pupils that can realize themselves as teacher assistants in order to teach community representatives;
  • we renovated and equipped the classroom with furniture;
  • we conducted the Internet;
  • have created a Wi-Fi zone;
  • conducted a survey of the community about the need to create media environment.

The creation of an educational media space that will enhance the information culture, computer skills among students and representatives of the village community will be the result of our project. We plan to monitor students’ progress, measure the effectiveness of projects, where we will participate and observe how many members of the community will be present at our classes.

These are the projects where we are going to take part:
  • “My native village Dmytrivka”,which will be presented in 2018 at the school holiday “My native village”;
  • “Our Famous Compatriots” (Leonid Bykov – Actor, Director, Man; Mykola Krupchenko – Honorary Citizen of Kramatorsk, the winner of the Soros Award; Anatolii Fetysov – regimental commander of “Normandiia Neman”; Serhii Trytsenko – famous artist), that will be presented at the annual All-Ukrainian competition “I am a journalist”;
  • The annual All-Ukrainian Business Tournament “Strategy of the Firm”, which provides an opportunity to become a direct participant in economic and managerial processes (the owner of a virtual firm), learn how to choose the right solutions, and improve knowledge in the economic sphere.
  • What we need

    Cost, UAH


    Amount, UAH

  • Laptop Lenovo 110-15IBR

    8 000


    48 000

  • Computer Mouse Esperanza Titanum TM110K USB




  • Headphones Prologix MH –A850M



    1 500

  • Sound speakers Sven 318 USB




  • Delivery




  • Fee and administration fee GoF*



    7 229

  • Total:



    57 829

* — If after payment of all the listed goods and services money will be left, they will go to support the statutory activity of NGO “Center for innovative education ‘Pro.Svit’.

We pin our hope on this project power
To make our children’s dreams come true at last!
These pupils have their flames of hearts to follow!
In getting new computers they do put their trust!


The project was developed within the educational program «Eastern Meetings» and with the support of the UCBI II Project that is funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in 14 cities of Donetsk and Luhansk Regions. In the case of the successful Crowdfunding campaign of the authors, the project will be co-funded in the amount of 25 000 UAH.

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